The Nail Files

The Nail Files: Sherille Grant

Shannon Thomas

 Ladies tell your fellas to rack their weights, the gym is not just for the boys anymore. Sherille Grant is a Brooklyn based personal trainer, and her pint sized, perfectly toned frame can easily squat 145 lbs. This lady is the man. Although she spends most of her days gripping weights and kettle bells, thanks to coconut oil,  she still manages to keep her cuticles shiny and moisturized. Check her out below...     D.I.D Paint: What's your favorite nail trend at the moment? Sherille Grant: My favorite nail trend at the moment is the holographic chrome nail design. I...

The Nail Files: Renee Morrison

Shannon Thomas

Tags career, D.I.D Nail Paint, D.I.Y., millenial women, nails

Renee Morrison is about her business. At 24, the Bronx native already has her Masters and is a Certified Public Account for one of the top "Big Four" accounting firms in the world. She is the epitome of millennial  excellence. Now us normal people can't help but wonder--how does she  handle  intense stress so calmly? "It's temporary," she says to herself and books her bi-weekly mani. Find out more about Miss Morrison below. D.I.D. Nail Paint: Square, almond, ballerina, coffin shape, oval shovel… which shape do you wear your nails? Renee Morrison: Unfortunately, since I do so much typing I...

Put the Cute back in Cuticle

The Nailologist

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We see you, ladies  on every manicure Monday with your new weekly color and beauty magazine in tow waiting to get your nails did. We commend your efforts. We also see you sit in the manicurist's chair and cringe as she plucks away at your oh-so-important cuticles, forcing you to return to her week after week with ragged, excessively peeling nail beds, like this... Oh the tragedy. In actuality, cuticles should never be clipped. This part of your skin is the barrier that protects the root of your nail. Clipping them makes it easier for bacteria and other nasties to...

The Nail Files: Kenya Joy

Kenya Joy spends 6-8 hours a day behind a bar; but not the type that serves Martinis. Behind this barre, the 24-year-old Brooklyn beauty is perfecting her pirouettes,  and ensuring her  grand battements  are powerful, as well as graceful. Dancing takes a toll on the whole body--especially the toenails. Find out how Kenya keeps them in tip-top shape and what her dance troupe, Ntrinsik Movement has whirling up.   Photo Credit: Hayim Heron D.I.D. Paint: What is your fave nail trend at the moment? Kenya Joy: My favorite nail trend is a fresh gel manicure. What are your favorite colors...

The Nail Files: Lidia Bonilla

Adrienne Blanks

Tags beauty regimen, D.I.Y., manicure, nail polish, nails, nails did, pedicure

Driver roll down the partition please, Lidia Bonilla, isn't done showing off the sophisticated, new way to stash our unmentionables that go buzz in the night. Plume, a line of organizational boxes that store sex toys, is the brain child of The Miami native, Brooklyn inhabitant. She's also a nail junkie, who demands her mani and pedi to be perfect at all times, check her out below...     D.I.D. Paint: What is a beauty or skin care product you can't live without? Lidia Bonilla: A tweezer. I have 4 of them. I can't stand seeing stray hairs anywhere. And, I...