The Nail Files: Breena Blake

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Denim Enthusiast, D.I.Y. Diva, Wardrobe Stylist, oh and Mommy: these are just a few of the roles Breena Blake graciously tackles, without chipping her polish. Despite her super busy schedule, she's able to maintain her nails and gorgeous skin in between her weekly projects and playdates. Find out how she manages to do it all.


D.I.D. Paint: What colors/shades do you typically wear on your nails? 

Breena Blake: I go through phases with my nails. At one point I was going through a dark period (just on my hands) so I rocked a lot of black, navy and burgundy. Now, since my professional paint jobs are few and far apart, I lean more towards more subtle colors like Surfboard by D.I.D (which is a light blue), white and light pink. However, in the summer, the gloves are off and I’m going bold: hot pinks, yellows and all shades of orange!

How often do you get manicures and/or pedicures? 

When I lived in the NYC and worked 60 hours a week on films, I would get a manicure every Saturday, religiously; and I needed that manicure every week. Now, I have a busy one-year-old son and life is much slower in the Carolinas. My last professional manicure was in September in preparation for a friend's wedding. Now, I do most of my nail care at home at least once a month. My manis and pedis are not as pretty as going into a shop to be pampered, but I do my best. I love soaking my feet in my dollar store Rubbermaid bin filled with hot water. To give me that “spa experience” I add a layer of Mint Bliss energizing lotion by Mary Kay before dipping in. [With a] margarita in one hand, [tv]remote in the other, I’m soaking and binge watching whatever Netflix series has five stars.


Do you have a regular beauty routine?

I have to admit, I am really bad at routines! For my face, most of the time I just clean with water and a makeup remover cleaning cloth. Sounds terrible, right? The crazy part is, so far, it’s worked for me. No crazy breakouts or rashes! However, I just turned another year in the thirty bracket of life, so I want to beef up my efforts in keeping my skin clean and youthful. Currently, I am washing with Cetaphil and then finishing with a dab of Jojoba oil on moist skin. My skin feels tight and smooth afterwards. Sounds good right? Let's see if I can stick to it!


What is a beauty or skin care product you can't live without?

The beauty products I cannot live without would be my Mac Studio Finish concealer, my Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation and my Maybelline Onyx eyeliner. Some days I'm lazy and will leave the house without liner on, but my concealer is a must to disguise my hereditary under the eye dark bags as much as possible. And the layer of liquid foundation helps to create a smooth and even finish with all of my skin tones. No maybe about it, it's Maybelline!

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