The Nail Files: Ava Raiin, Singer and Performer

When Ava Raiin isn’t serenading audiences across the country alongside Solange Knowles, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Blood Orange/Dev Hynes, she’s a down to Mars girl, indecisive about the nail color of her weekly mani— just like the rest of us. Check out her glam secrets for when she’s on and off the stage.



D.I.D. Nail Paint: How often do you get manicures and/or pedicures? 

Ava Raiin: I do my nails about every week or two depending on what’s going on. If I’m traveling or doing a lot of shows, I’ll try to do my nails every couple of weeks. I use gel polish so it can stretch longer, but if I’m not traveling and have more free time I like at home manis more often.

What shades do you typically wear on your nails? 

I like a little of everything and can go back and forth between nudes, bold,  bright colors and shimmer depending on what I’m doing and my mood. If I’m traveling a lot or if I’m really busy, I tend to go for nudes or dark bold colors that can go with everything. If I have more free time, I like to switch things up with with fun colors, and lots of shimmers . I love that D.I.D’s colors wear for a good week+ without chipping.


 What is a beauty or skin care product you can't live without?

  Peter Thomas Roth Radiant Instant Mineral Brush-On Bronzer  with SPF 30. I like to dust this powder over my face, neck and shoulders and will dust throughout the day when I want a little polish. It gives a subtle tinted shimmery glow and the sunblock is amazing without leaving my face greasy and irritated (sigh, sensitive skin problems) like every other sunblocks I’ve tried. I also like to wear this over liquid foundation if I’m wearing make- up. The powder is light and comes with an applicator brush attached to it so I take it everywhere. 



Do you have a regular beauty routine?

 A few things I need to look and feel my best are a good night’s rest,  plenty of water, washing my face before bed, mud masks twice a week, and working out regularly.

When it comes to my hair,  I co-wash my hair once or twice a week with Hairstory’s “New Wash” followed by Camille Rose Naturals deep conditioner once a week. I then follow up with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Reparative Leave-In Conditioner and a little Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine hair butter.

I let my hair air dry, then two strand (dry) twist and seal the ends with tamanu oil. I try to sleep with a satin bonnet to keep my hair moisturized at night. A few nights a week before bed [to refresh my style] I dry two-strand twist my hair with Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine, then seal the ends with tamanu oil.


Now for my face, at night I remove dirt and make- up with pumpkin seed oil and a microfiber towel, a hot water rinse, then lightly wash my face with Dove's white bar. I also exfoliate a few times a week. I use witch hazel as a toner and Ponds dry skin cream or Vick's Vapor rub 2-3 nights a week as night cream. I also dab on some tamanu oil as a blemish spot treatment.  I use a mud mask on my face 2-3 times per week.

Tell me about your music career: Who are you currently touring with? Any new songs/projects coming out soon?

I’m putting the finishing touches on my EP ‘Azure World’ for release this year and planning to tour after that. In the meantime, I'm touring and singing backing vocals with Blood Orange and collaborating with friends on their upcoming music projects.

Eagle Eye - Music Video


Video credits:

Ava Raiin - "Eagle Eye”

Music Production and Mixing: David Sisko

Lyrics: Ava Raiin & Sye Elaine Spence

Mastered by Mike Tucci

Video Director: Rafatoon

Production Company: Dreambear

Producer: Evan Brown





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