The Nail Care Essentials

The Nail Care Essentials

D.I.D. Nail Paint RemoverTake it off with our non acetone, soy-based nail paint remover derived from farm crops. Plus, it easily wipes away color, leaving you with moisturized nails and ready for a fresh paint job.  

Start: Get the nail painting party started with our ridge filling, nail strengthening, primer before you paint your nails with one of our highly pigmented colors.

Photo Finish: Complete your D.I.D. Nail Paint mani or pedi with our eco-chic gel-like top coat to create a beautiful glossy finish. Photo Finish helps to extend the life of your D.I.D. Nail Paint mani with no need for a UV light. 

This gift set is perfect for the guy or gal that likes the manicured, polished look without the color.