The Nail Files: Tiffany Baker, Artist and Graphic Designer

Toting a 10 karat smile and a priceless personality to match, Tiffany Baker spends her days creating digital illustrations as a Senior Designer at CNN Money. On evenings and weekends, you can find this Pratt Institute graduate with her paint brushes creating stories on canvas that reflect on fond memories and the world around her.

We were on hand for Tiffany's first solo art exhibit, Smilehood and Other Stories. Her paintings and drawings delivered a snapshot of intimate past moments rediscovered and reimagined through a contemporary lens for present day. 

Delicately displayed mementos including items like ticket stubs, a personal letter from President Obama honoring the memory of her sister, and artifacts from her travels abroad offered us a glimpse into her creative process.

Tiffany Baker Smilehood and Other Stories - Art Exhibit

How does a savvy graphic designer and visual artist take time out to pamper herself while navigating these busy NYC streets? Well, we sat down with this Chicago native in her Bed-Stuy abode to find out! 

D.I.D. Nail Paint - Eden - Green Nail Polish

D.I.D. Nail Paint: What is a beauty or skin care product you can't live without?

Tiffany: African Black Soap

D.I.D. Nail Paint: How do you incorporate African Black Soap into your regular skin care routine?

Tiffany: I use African Black Soap on my face and body as a daily cleanser - I love that you can use it from head to toe. I hated ABS in the beginning because it was so drying but after using it for three months and moisturizing regularly, my skin became used to it.

D.I.D. Nail Paint: What do you use to deep clean your skin and keep it moisturized?

Tiffany: First and foremost, I think it's important to keep your body hydrated from the inside - so I always drink plenty of water. In the winter, I like to moisturize my body with shea butter and in the summer I like to moisturize with coconut oil. I also like to use the Aztec healing clay mask once a month for my deep clean, DIY facials at home.

D.I.D. Nail Paint: How would you describe your nail care routine?

Tiffany: It varies. In the summer, I get pedicures more frequently because of sandal season - so, I'd say about every other week. In the winter, I typically get pedicures every three weeks. I'll do a manicure or a polish change every two weeks. I love to wear nude shades when I wear long nails and I like dark, bold colors when my nails are short.

D.I.D. Nail Paint: Why is having a nail care routine important to you?

Tiffany: My full time position is a Graphic Designer so, I look at my hands all the time. I can't prove it but, I think I do better work when my nails look good!

D.I.D. Nail Paint: Your nails are always on point, and you produce great work so we'd have to agree - thanks for sharing Tiffany! 

Tiffany Baker

 *Tiffany is wearing the D.I.D. Nail Paint color Eden.

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