For The Future of Plant Based Skin Care and Sustainable Farming: Meet Sequoia Carr

80% of whatever we put on our hair and skin winds up in our bloodstream. That's why at D.I.D. Nail Paint we're passionate about using toxin-free ingredients in our nail products. We also love to celebrate other amazing beauty brands that care about your health, and the earth, just like us. Sequoia Carr is the owner and founder of Leafed Beauty, she whips up all her products by hand in her Brooklyn home and is incredibly passionate about sustainable farming. Read more about Sequoia, her journey as a businesses woman, and how she manages how to stay fly all while saving the earth with Permaculture

D.I.D. Nail Paint: What inspired you to launch Leafed Beauty?

Sequoia Carr: Leafed Beauty was sort of a re-launch, actually. I started my line "All Green Everything" 4 years ago after feeling discouraged about the options I had when it came to truly natural skin products. This was around the same time I began my natural hair journey as well, and I became hyper-vigilant about ingredients that were in my personal care products. I did research on what ingredients yielded certain results and I just began experimenting. I started creating products for friends, and it blossomed from there. All Green Everything became Leafed Beauty in early 2018. It just felt like I had grown, my products were expanding and "Leafed Beauty" reflects that. 
Do you hand make all of the products on your own?
I do. I hand make every single product and I source all the raw materials. 
Your Turmeric scrub is really amazing! Turmeric has many health benefits, it can also cause the skin to be stained for a few days,  what's your secret trick to prevent the scrub from staining the skin?
Pure, organic turmeric tends to stain less than conventional turmeric (often with additives) and the scrub is also formulated with other conditioning agents which also help keep stains under control. 
What's your beauty regimen consist of?
My skincare regimen? I try to keep it pretty simple. I wash with Dr. Dennis Gross's Alpha Beta cleanser daily. It smells fresh and clean, and it doesn't dry out my skin. I tone using my own blend of essential oils and hydrosols. I moisturize at night using Leafed Beauty's facial oil,  and I exfoliate 2x a week using Leafed Beauty's turmeric scrub. I use Sunday Riley's CEO serum at night approx twice a week, and I typically use Milk Makeup's Skin Tint in Medium Tan. It acts as a tinted moisturizer AND sunscreen (SPF 30) which makes me happy because I am lazy and highly unskilled when it comes to makeup tricks. 
What's your favorite D.I.D. Nail Paint color?
I love me a good nude, and Birthday Suit works really well with my skin tone. If I'm feeling racy, I'll sass-it-up with All Reddy. Helloooo date night! 
Do you like nail art, or are you more of a solid manicure kind of lady?
Typically, I'm a simple nail type of gal but this summer I played around with some really cool designs, courtesy of the D.I.D. Nail Studio. In between cooking and creating products, I feel like my hands get overworked. I don't always have the time to put in the effort it takes to keep up nail designs, but I was really pleased to see that my manis were lasting a full week (just in time for my next apt) without any mishaps, which is RARE for me. 
Do you get your nails did or do you paint them yourself?
I get them done. I don't have the patience to let them dry! 
What's the most challenging aspect of running your own personal care line and how do you overcome these challenges?
I think the hardest part about running my own personal care line is the fact that I'm only one person, with limited time and budget. So it can be difficult to do ALL the things, literally. It takes time management (which I STILL find challenging) and creativity. Sometimes I have to come home after work and make a batch of Hairtini for an order that's shipping the next day. Or get up early to pack the order, and go to the post office on my lunch break. You just learn how to make it work because it has to. No one else is going to do it. Another challenge is keeping your costs down as a small business. When buying raw materials, you typically get a price break when you order in bulk. As a business owner that makes small batch skincare products to best ensure freshness, buying in bulk can be difficult--and foolish. 
What's your favorite product from your line and why?
I would say my favorite product and best-seller is the Shea Souffle. It's just SO versatile! I use it for styling my hair, as a moisturizer (works wonders on dry feet), bug repellent, cuticle cream, lip balm, you name it. I even have a few male clientele that use it to keep their beards flourishing. 
What does your self-care regimen consist of?
Self-care, in this very moment, consists of cooking for myself. But not just cooking a meal, but really cultivating an experience. I like to choose a cuisine, playlist, and drink menu that work well together. I would only do this for friends or lovers because it felt silly setting the mood for myself--but I then I started realizing how good it made me feel! It felt like I was taking myself out on a date, and well, I'm a really good date. So, it works out perfectly!
What are some of your favorite make up products?
Like I mentioned before, I'm pretty simple. I use Milk Makeup's Skin tint in medium tan, The Organic Skin Co makes a concealer that's perfect for my under eyes, although I don't believe they ship to the U.S. yet. There's an Anastasia brow wiz knockoff that works just as well, and it's $4.99. I don't know the name of it, but you can get it in any large scale beauty supply in NY. I go back and forth between whatever mascara Sephora is offering as a gift at the time. I should really find one that I like, though... (I digress) I absolutely LOVE Bite Beauty's lip crayons. Their colors are rich, so they won't leave your lips dry, and they cater to ALL  skin tones. They're also made primarily with plants botanicals, so if you accidentally get some on your teeth, you don't have to freak out about all the chemicals in them. That's a bonus, right?  
What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?
Whew...I would tell her that things will NOT go as planned, not in the least. But she will be fine. I would tell her to start learning how to love herself now, because its a lifelong journey that takes practice. The more you do it, the better you'll become. And 35-year old Sequoia would really appreciate it!
Sequoia is currently preparing to volunteer on a permaculture farm in Central America to cultivate relationships with local farmers as well as the indigenous community and learn more about how they use plants as medicine. She's raising funds to support her project and could use your help. To learn more and contribute to Sequoia's quest, click HERE


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