Female Athletes: hair did, nails did, everything D.I.D.

We glorify male athletes and their sports teams. 10 times out of 10 we are watching football, golf, basketball, or baseball. But what about the women's teams? Where is the praise for black women athletes and what they stand for? You have the greatest players like Serena and Venus Williams, track sensations like Flo Jo, Sha'carri Richardson and many more. Let’s glorify what these black queens mean to our community and what they represent on and off the court.


Flo Jo

If you do not know who this is, well let me tell you. Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner aka Flo Jo was an American track star.  She has taken home 3 gold medals and a silver medal in the Olympics. She is one of the fastest women to compete. In 1988 she set world records in the 100m and 200m. Miss Flo Jo was not only known as one of the fastest women in the world, she made sure to keep her appearance on 100 while she was racing. At the time, it was not normal to see athletes in makeup with long, coiffed hair and long, decorated nails but that did not stop Flo Jo. She paved the way for women like our next featured athlete, Sha'Carri Richardson to embody their beauty on the track, unapologetically. (photo credit: newsone.com)


Sha Carri Richardson  

Sha’Carri was named the fastest girl in Texas and became the most recent fastest woman in the world. She is 21 and ran the 100 m dash in 10.7 seconds which qualified her to go to the 2021 Olympics. Ms. Richardson says she wants to use her platform to show that she is a normal person that just runs faster than a lot of the population. Sha’Carri has long nails, bright orange hair and a great aura. Just like she embraces herself, her beauty and culture, she also encourages her followers to embrace themselves as well despite any shortcomings. (photo credit: allure.com)


Simone Biles

Ms. Biles is an American artistic gymnast, who has 30 Olympic and World Championship medals. Simone Biles is known for the Yurchenko double pike which is a vault that requires a roundoff back handspring on a table where 2 ½ backflips in piked or straight legged position are normally only performed by men. What have we learned here? Women can do anything that a man can do.

Other than her fantastic gymnastic skills, let's speak on the looks she serves every time she steps on the mat. From the eyeshadow to her stylish leotards, Simone stunts on her competition. Even when Ms. Biles isn't wearing make up, she always has a bow in her hair to flatter her look. (photo credit: theathletic.com)



Serena and Venus Williams

The Williams sisters are famous American tennis players. Serena Williams has won 23 grand slams, and Venus has won 7. They have beaten the odds that come along with being black women dominating in a predominantly white sport, often times for things unrelated to the actual game. Serena received backlash for a catsuit that she wore during the French Open that resulted in her uniform being banned.

When the Williams sisters first started playing, they would have their hair in braids with beads and people made a big deal out of it. Venus told an umpire "I shouldn't have to change, I like my hair". These two women made sure to let her voice be heard.  Venus received backlash from supporting Naomi Osaka because she wanted to boycott the press French Open. These two powerhouse tennis playing sisters show us that clothing and hair should not interrupt the sport, nor should standing up for what is right for other female athletes. (photo credit: cbssports.com)


Tea Cooper

For our last athlete we have, Tea Copper. Tea is a point guard on the Los Angles Sparks and is on fleek from her head to her toes. Her hair is laid with ponytails, eyes adorned with lashes fluttering like butterflies and her nails are always poppin'. She definitely stands out as a basketball player that steps on the court and turns heads with her fearless lewks while scoring points.  (photo credit: @tea.cooper2)


One thing we can learn from these star athletes is that performing at your best and being unapologetically yourself can happen simultaneously. They prove that it is possible to be athletically gifted and love to get your lashes, hair, and nails did while being stylish from head to toe. Now that the Olympic Games are here, we are rooting for the home team USA. Who are you excited about watching during the Olympics? Let us know in the comments!


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