How to choose the correct nail shape for your lifestyle


Scenario: You're doing some random mundane task, like reaching for your door knob and because you're clumsy, you stub your middle finger's nail onto the edge of the door. Instantaneously your long luxurious nail is now cracked in the center, or chipped at the top. Am I right?  I'm your Nailologist, of course I'm right.

This isn't the first time, this has happened where you've over extended and caused some nail damage like this, your length may not be the only root of your problem in this case, it could be the shape of your nail.

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with keeping my long nails square shaped. And you couldn't tell me otherwise I thought I was doing somethin'.

Every other week the edge of my nails would either chip on the side or crack deeply within the nail bed. I'd have to cut the whole nail down because my hair and clothes would get caught in it and snag, causing the crack to deepen and hurt. Case in point...

Until years later, my nail lady at the time recommended I changed from square shaped to almond and I've been in love ever since. Since there are no corners, when they get to a certain length they no longer chip at the top. This is a stronger shape for me. They also make my fingers look extra long and elegant. 

Here are the primary nail shapes:


Square shapes are good if you keep your nails short and your work requires a lot of typing.

The round shape is good for short nails too, but personally I don't think they're as flattering.

A nice in between is Sqouval. A square shape with rounded edges is a nice in between.

Oval is nice on long or short nails and can help elongate short fingers and short nail beds.

Almond is Queen Supreme, not because it's my favorite, but because it looks classy and diva-like. It also looks good on any hand, they elongate short fingers and accentuate any nail bed.

Ballerina/Coffin shapes are fire. They are sexy, modern, sleek, and I have yet to see an Instagram Vixen post her nails in any other shape.

BUT. They can be very high maintenance, and unless you spend your days posting bikini selfies, and pretend sipping flat tummy tea, like your fave IG model--your nails will be easier to break.


What's your favorite nail shape? Tell us in the comments below. 


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