Is This a Man’s World?


For millennia, the world has constructed a narrative for the ideal man. A man who does not question his gender, traditions, religion, etc. If a man wants to be taken seriously he must act the part. If he wants to lead a life of respect and dignity then he would never go against the solid foundations which have been laid out for him by all of our heteronormative bound fathers throughout time.

Through the years an exceptional breed of man has been questioning that logic. How so? Dressing, behaving, eating, and just living to their hearts full content. No agenda, no rules except for one, never live miserably. However, the general population striving to be (or be with) the ideal man, continues to shun these people. These warriors of social change fight back by being the version of themselves which makes them happiest. Stepping out of their comfort zone and into individuality. We at the Nail Files Blog want to shine a light on these warriors of uniqueness championing for individuality and shaking the patriarchal table with their free will and we invite our readers to open their minds towards the standard of beauty.

In 2021, today’s man is less afraid to unearth his truth. We live in a time for men, where flaunting a manicured hand may not be impossible, but it is still scary. Once you cross that threshold, you are not closed off from being a man. You are opening yourself up to a world beyond what generations of men have been conditioned to believe life is. That is strength and growth beyond compare.

Kings, Queens (& everyone in between!) We invite you to explore yourself. Test your limits. Wear what your heart desires and live how you wish to! Our time here is precious and you should spend every waking moment of it, not worrying whether or not the world is going to accept you, but if the world is ready for you and your flare. Facing your fears and insecurities takes an immense amount of strength. The rewards you reap go far beyond any status or trophy. Never forget, we support you, we admire you, we love you and we need you.

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