The Nail files: Lyndsay Christian, News Reporter and Anchor

Lyndsay Christian

Imagine this: every day your work life requires you to effortlessly deliver the news – on time, with all the facts, with a face full of makeup and not one hair out of place. How would you handle the pressure?

This is the life of an on-air reporter.

They face cameras, tight deadlines and bright lights on a daily basis. Lyndsay Christian, a reporter and anchor for NY1 News, takes it all in stride (with preparation, and of course, a beauty bag stocked with everything she needs to be camera-ready in a matter of minutes). We wanted to know more about Lyndsay's beauty regimen and her makeup must-haves, so she gave us the lowdown.

Lyndsay Christian

D.I.D. Nail Paint: What key items do you keep in your cosmetics stash?

Lyndsay: I apply my own makeup for work, so of course I have my brushes, foundation, powder, and eye shadow palette but, I keep pairs of lashes on standby to wear in between my visits to The Lash Loft. I love to wear eyelashes to give my eyes a nice "pop" on-air. I also keep pairs of eyelashes stashed in a drawer at home!

Do you have a regular skin care regimen?

Since I wear heavy make-up for work, it's important that I free my skin and rid my pores of product build-up every night. I usually start with makeup remover wipes. I use a variety of brands, but I do have my go-to brands. I love Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes and the Cleanse by Lauren Napier wipes. I wash my face daily with Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser and I exfoliate my face two to three times a week with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, a great inexpensive staple  

What's your nail care routine like?

Chile, I love to change my polish! I do it almost weeklyso I consider myself an avid DIY-er when it comes to my manicures. I treat myself to a professional pedicure (especially during the summer months) and for special occasions during the winter months.

What colors do you typically like to wear on your nails?

While on-air I tend to stay away from bold or loud colors, unless I'm on vacation. During the spring and summer months, I love to sport various shades of pink, from a soft pastel to fuchsia. And when the weather gets cooler as the fall and winter months approach, I prefer darker hues of red. But, for special occasions, I prefer sparkle and fun! I wore a really pretty hue called Open Bar from D.I.D. Nail Paint on New Year's Eve. It was the perfect complement to my sequin mini dress. If I had to choose a year-round worthy color, I’d definitely say nude shades like Birthday Suit, works well for any occasion.

What's your secret to looking fresh and well rested on air?

Sleep! I aim for 7-8 hours of sleep daily to prevent eye bags.

Lyndsay Christian - Staten Island NY1 News Anchor


Thanks for sharing Lyndsay!

Be sure to follow Lyndsay on Instagram and if you're in the New York City area, you can see her contributing on NY1 News.


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