Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is right around the corner and I bet you’re wondering what you could do to make this Mother's Day special for your mom. Well worry not, because I am going to drop some ideas for you. Let's start by thinking about the things that your mother likes or the things she casually mentioned that she wants. Moms want something from the heart so, knowing what she likes is important. One thing a woman likes is when you listen to her. If in the past she brought up a certain bag that caught her attention, you getting her that bag will show her that you listened and cared. 



A great gift for your mom could be our Top Shelf Collection. It is our variety pack that features Prosecco, Open Bar, Rosé, and V.S.O.P. Let her nails shine as bright as her smile after receiving this gift. If she is into a more simplistic, natural nail look, then the The Nail Care Essentials is always a winner. You get a soy based, non-acetone nail polish remover, start which is our nail primer and finish to finish off the final touches.


If your mom isn't into materialistic things, why not put your hands to work and make her favorite home cooked meal? Nothing shows a person that you love them more than making a meal you put your effort into. If you can’t cook, pick up her favorite dish from her favorite restaurant. Breakfast in bed could also be a great way to start out Mother's Day. Is the mother in your life a fan of the outdoors? A well thought out picnic with some of her favorite activities is a great way into spending time with your mom as well. Activities could include knitting, reading, listening to music while painting or just enjoying the time outside with a great conversation. 

Mother's Day is a time to honor, reflect, and cherish motherhood on all levels. If you can make the day special, memorable, or simply, easier for your mother or mother figure, do what you can to create a loving atmosphere and make the day great.

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