Put the Cute back in Cuticle

We see you, ladies  on every manicure Monday with your new weekly color and beauty magazine in tow waiting to get your nails did. We commend your efforts. We also see you sit in the manicurist's chair and cringe as she plucks away at your oh-so-important cuticles, forcing you to return to her week after week with ragged, excessively peeling nail beds, like this...

Oh the tragedy.

In actuality, cuticles should never be clipped. This part of your skin is the barrier that protects the root of your nail. Clipping them makes it easier for bacteria and other nasties to permeate which can lead to infections in the nail bed.

INSTEAD, when the skin is moist, like after a warm shower, use your wash cloth to gently push the skin back and keep your hands moisturized throughout the day.

D.I.D Paint's very own Remover is also another great arsenal when combatting dry nail cuticles.


The remover is amazing because unlike drying acetone polish remover, it is soy based, and moisturizes the skin while removing nail polish. Its ingredients are derived from crops and is free from acetone, ethyl lactate or petroleum. It's easy on your nails and the environment.

One of NYC's top nail artists Savannah of Vanity Projects recommends CNDC SolarOil  to all of her clients because she loves how quickly and effectively the skin drinks up its goodness. Dipping the hands in coconut oil at bedtime is a great method to provide both moisture and strength to your nails.

Now you know better, there's no excuse. Next time you're at the nail salon, nicely inquire about an orange stick and a push back for your nail beds. Put the cute back in your cuticles.


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