Ouch! Don't Let Ingrown Nails Ruin Your Flip Flop Game: Here's How You Can Nip Them From Your Life

Hello Fellow Nail Enthusiasts!  Grip your phones tight, adjust your laptop, because it’s storytime!

I was soaking my feet at the nail salon, flipping through magazines where Cardi B & Offset made being married and pregnant look equally trill and romantic. While I was prepping for my usual bi-weekly pedicure, I noticed the woman in the chair next to me kept wincing and squirming in her chair. I peeked over and noticed her nail technician was in the middle of extracting an ingrown nail from Satan himself on her right toe.

Poor darling, I felt so bad for her. I started to wonder, what causes these abominations? I did some research and a common misconception I hope this post can correct is that, ingrown toenails mean the person doesn’t take care of their feet; this isn’t true.

Ingrown toenails are the affect of many factors such as genetics, wearing shoes that are either too small or cut too narrow and rubs onto the side of the skin and nail. They’re also caused from incorrectly cutting the toe nails, or aggressive pedicure techniques. Dermatologist, Dr. Susan Binder of Bruder Dermatology in New York City recommends cutting and filing the toenails straight across so that there are no corners of the nail to embed into the tender skin on the sides of the toe which can lead to problems.

Keeping your toes clean and dry make a huge difference also, so if your feet tend to perspire more, change your socks more frequently or wear sandals/open toe shoes more often if the weather permits for optimal ventilation.

Oh and wear D.I.D. Nail Paint’s Duchess this summer on your toes, the beautiful blue will keep your toes looking and feeling cool.

Have you ever had a bad experience with an ingrown toenail? Tell me about it in the comments below...


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