Show Your Man How To Put The 'Man' In Manicure

I value a man who takes care of himself the same way Lebron James values a shorts suit.  


But I know too many men that refuse to step inside a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure because of the feminine connotation it carries. I also know a few good men that take pride in their appearance and keep up with monthly pedicures and manicures, so I know they exist, but there just aren’t enough of them out there.


If women are “supposed to keep their nails neat”, so should men because, equality and proper hygiene. So today, because I’m your loving Nailologist,  I will drop some gems on how to convert the male non believers, so there can be more nicely manicured men for us lovely ladies and lovely men who do take care of themselves to choose from.


Don’t attempt to bully him into painting them with clear polish. The smell of the polish alone freaked out one of my former suitors because it triggered traumatic childhood flashbacks to when his older sisters held him down and painted his nails bright blue. Nicely ask once if he wants topcoat, if he says no, calmly continue with other manicure steps.


Set the mood. Pour that man some Henny on the rocks. Or whatever his drink of choice may be. Turn on ESPN, let Stephen A. Smith’s obnoxious yelling soothe his soul while you nip those raggedy hangnails. Set an ambiance for him to feel comfortable. Show him a manicure doesn’t have to be hyper-feminine, with flowers, candles  and lots of pink unless he wants it to be, there’s no judgment either way.

Don’t skimp on the hand massage. That’s right give him something he can FEEL. Warm up an oil of your choice and give him the ultimate spa treatment right in your home. He’ll be more inclined to let you give him more manicures in the future just so he can get treated to a quality hand massage.

For shiny healthy nail as pictured here, check out our Photo Finish topcoat

If your schedule doesn’t permit it or if you just don’t have the ability to finesse a nail file, it’s ok book your bae an appointment with us at our D.I.D. Nail Studio, and we can have his hands looking right.

...And if he still refuses to do his nails, ask him if he thinks Steph Curry makes all those clutch 3 pointers with long, dirty fingernails. He definitely doesn't,  Ayesha would not allow it and neither should you.


Have you tried to give your man a manicure before? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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