The D.I.D. Nail Studio Makes Its Debut!

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Finally! It's what you've all be waiting for. We've been in construction for months, primping, painting, and organizing our new home, The D.I.D. Nail Studio, in the chic Brooklyn boutique, Marche Rue Dix. What's Marche? The flyest place in Brooklyn to swipe your VISA, DEBIT, or American Express. Pretty soon you'll be able to shop and Get Your Nails Did all in this one amazing place. 

Take a sneak peak at what we'll be offering at the D.I.D. Nail Studio:


You ready to Get Your Nails Did now huh? Yup. Starting June 29th we will be opening for a soft launch, and for the entire month of July, we will be accepting appointments on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays ONLY.  FYI your nails will be D.I.D. by the Chief Executive Nailologist herself, Adrienne Blanks. 

Now don't be shy, click here to book your appointment and get this nail slay. 

What was your favorite design featured in the video? Tell us in the comments below.



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