The Nail Files: Sherille Grant

 Ladies tell your fellas to rack their weights, the gym is not just for the boys anymore. Sherille Grant is a Brooklyn based personal trainer, and her pint sized, perfectly toned frame can easily squat 145 lbs. This lady is the man. Although she spends most of her days gripping weights and kettle bells, thanks to coconut oil,  she still manages to keep her cuticles shiny and moisturized. Check her out below...



D.I.D Paint: What's your favorite nail trend at the moment?

Sherille Grant: My favorite nail trend at the moment is the holographic chrome nail design. I think it's the coolest trend ever!

What are your go-to colors for your nails?
I'm more of a simple gal so I like soft pastels, dark earth tones, and nude color nail polish. 
Square, Almond, Oval? Which shape do you wear your nails?
I always wear my nails in a square shape. I've always preferred that way because it looks simple. However. I am interested in trying the almond shape. I think the almond shape is sexy. 
Who is your celebrity nail inspiration?
 Tell us about a nail salon nightmare you've experienced.
The worst nail salon experience I've encountered was back in February when I was in L.A. The nail technician cut my finger and never apologized about it. She kept doing my nails even though I was bleeding. She was extremely rough and slightly rude. However, my nails came out nice but the experience overall was horrible. Not only that, but she gave my some cheap plastic looking sandals to wear while my feet were drying. I was so over it. I didn't even give her a tip. 
Photo Credit: Linx Anderson
What brought you on to your career path as a trainer/ dance instructor?
I've been dancing since I was seven years old. I fell deeply in love with dance when I was in High school. I was so used to choreographing my own pieces that eventually I decided to become a dance instructor. I started teaching dance in 2013. Dance and fitness correlates with each other so I've always been fit. I love exercising and I love helping others feel confident about their bodies. Therefore, back in 2016 I decided to make it a career for myself. I went to personal training school and became certified in May 2016. 
What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?
The advice I would give to my 16 year old self is: Don't let others define you. Know your worth and your value. Be confident in yourself and never let the fear of people's negative criticism stop you from WINNING! 

 Leg day vs arm day? Which do you hate/love the most and why?
I love leg day. If I could, I would choose leg day everyday. I love thick legs and a big booty. I hope to have that someday so I work extremely hard to achieve those goals. I like arm day, but it's not my favorite. My least favorite is cardio. Cardio and I have a love and hate relationship. Seriously!
For the past several years, a big, shapely booty is the most coveted feature for a woman. In your opinion what's the most effective workout to achieve a Serena Williams-like butt?
Squats, Lunges, Hip thrusts and donkey kickbacks are the most effective workouts to achieve a Serena Williams booty. 
Speaking of butts, how many squats does a lady  have to do a day before seeing results?
 As many as you can. If you're doing 50 and more squats a day then you're bound to see major results.
 As a professional trainer, how do you feel about the flat tummy teas floating around the internet? 
I never used flat tummy tea, simply because I don't need to but I've had some clients tell me about their experience and they all pretty much told me that it's like a cleansing. So I would only recommend people to use it when they're really bloated or when they just need a good cleansing. I believe you should work hard for a flat tummy. Eating right, doing cardio and core exercises will help you achieve the flat stomach you desire. 


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