The Power of Color

Lately, the media has been drowning us in the news of collusion within our government, COVID-19 fatalities & a shameful list of social injustices that keeps growing at an alarming rate. A lot of death and dismay surrounds our narratives. This can put our anxieties in quite a swirl. In a perfect world, we all have the power to end the hate, illness, and violence controlling our existence. Sadly, we can not stop or reverse time with our kind hearts and good intentions. However, we are able to make certain small choices that lend a helping hand towards our own “greater good.”

Many people would read the aforementioned and think, “How?” Going to rallies can be dangerous, especially during a pandemic. Transitioning from my current diet to a vegan diet makes moving mountains seem like a piece of cake. The answer is much simpler than that. Every day when we perform our duties as civilians we choose how we are seen doing so. When we work out, we wear athletic clothing, business casual in the workplace, etc. Are the articles of clothing you wear going to change your life? No. It’s the colors! Color holds more power than we tend to think they do.

Human beings have style (even the ones who do not). Incorporating different colors and shades into your outfits or accessories adds layers of personality and it defines how the outside world sees you. Did you know that the colors red, yellow, and brown are most warm and welcoming to the human eye? Blue gives off a sense of calm while purple symbolizes luxury with chic and regal shades. Knowing the purpose of these colors, what message are you going to send out to the world today?

Check out all of our colors on the main website and see what calls to you! Take the world on with fiery “All Reddy” to get your head in the game. Calm your chakras with the cool shade “Surfboard” or introduce yourself to someone new wearing “Skinny Dip.” Good luck getting them to leave with the warm and toasty chocolate shade accompanying your uniqueness and charisma.


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