Self Care Tips for Mental Health

Have you been thinking about improving your mental health lately? Or think to yourself, “what are some self care steps that I can take advantage of?” What exactly does self care mean? The questions could go on and on. But this post is meant to guide you through self care and keep a positive mental state. Everyone has their own thoughts about what self care is. It’s making sure that your mindset is leveled, your physical being is healthy, and you're emotionally available.

Tapping Into your inner self

When you first wake up in the morning the first thing you should do is drink cold water. It will give your body the energy it needs for the day. Take a second to check in with yourself. Journal about the dreams you had, the feelings you woke up with, things you are thankful for, and hopes for the day. We tend to go through so much without speaking about it and you don't always have to talk about it with someone. Writing down your thoughts can give you the release you are looking for. Another good strategy is meditating. When you meditate you release all your troubles and reduce your anxiety. Meditating provides you with the opportunity to focus more on yourself and the present moment.

Let now focus on your emotional state...

How to not overthink

The basic steps you should follow are getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating healthy and being physically active. What are the steps for when your mind wanders and you over think? Start by taking a step back and asking yourself “will this matter next week or the month after?” Thinking too hard on one subject causes doubt and causes you to second guess yourself.

Spending your energy and time on irrational thoughts can cause you to over analyze and worry. Not always easily changing your mind but trying new things could be effective. Light some candles, put feel good music on. Let go and dance. If you're not the dancing type, it never hurts to pick up a pen and paper and write to expel  your thoughts. 


3 Different ways being physical helps 

The first thing that comes to someone's mind when talking about being physically healthy is working out or eating right. Yes those are two good examples but there are so many more things you could do. A personal favorite that I recently got back into is Yoga. As I mentioned earlier yoga is a great way in staying fit becoming one with yourself. Going for a walk outside or hiking is another good way to clear your mind, get fresh air and forget your problems. Even if you go outside to sit or lay down, you are relaxing your body. Reading a book, painting, or even listening to music relaxes your body and mind. 

The list of topics could go on and on with how your mental health is. This blog is a start of change if you open your mind up and follow the tips given above. I encourage the readers to take action even though it is one of the hardest things to do. But making sure that you and your mental state is taken care of is more important than anything else that happens. 


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