The 7 Secrets Behind a 7-Day Manicure Sans The Gel

So a few weeks back we chit chatted with Celebrity Nail Stylist extraordinaire Sunshine, and she spilled all the deets behind Solange’s Met Gala Mani. She very humbly bragged her manicures last up to 7 days, sans the gel polish.

Say What Now?

I had to find out more and she definitely dropped some gems.

First up: She doesn’t use water. She sprays the nails directly with a disinfectant. According to Sunshine, a water-less mani prep, ensures the nail remains as dry as possible and can allow the nail polish absorb onto the nail and last longer when compared to nails that have soaked in the manicure water.

Second: The nail file DOES makes a difference. She uses a fresh file for all her clients and it MUST be a 220-240. Anything less will only shred the nail’s edge. If you’re in a gripe, an emery board is good for quick fixes, but she wouldn’t recommend them for everyday filing. The softer the file the better it is for your nail.


Third: Roll your polish, never shake it. “Shaking the nail polish bottle doesn’t allow the pigments to blend properly. You’re just creating bubbles in the polish,” explained Sunshine. This particular tip makes me sad; I live for that cool clicking  noise shaking the polish bottle makes.

Fourth: Don’t keep old nail polish. If you have to pour alcohol in your nail polish so it can “stretch” let it go.

Fifth: Zoya’s Quick Dry. Apply the quick dry drops as close to the cuticle as possible. Don’t apply it to the nail because it will leave a dent in the polish. The liquid will travel up the nail on it’s own and dry with a brilliant shine. Take a look at the picture below for reference.


Sixth: No fans. Once you apply the quick dry, you should be golden- no need for fans, the pressure of the added air can create the dreaded air bubbles.

Seventh: Application. Now I can't really explain Sunshine's technique of painting the nails, you're just going to have to book with her yourself in order to truly experience her magical talent. I will say I did notice she painted the first coat of color very lightly, yet evenly, and she continued this method with the other 4 coats of polish. And guess what? All 10 fingers dried gorgeously without my clumsy mishaps causing smudges.

Sunshine also clarified the old tale of placing your fingers underneath cold, running water to speed up drying times. Sunshine says that trick does work, but instead, place the cold water in a small bowl and dip your fingers in for about 15-30 seconds. The pressure from the  water from the faucet can cause the polish to shift.

Are there any other lasting manicure tips that you find to work? Tell us about them in the comments below.


  • Shannon

    I totally agree on the nail file. I don’t use the drill on real nails, only to remove some of the acrylic. I always say the best way to make nails last is to prep them properly. Hand-filing has been the way to go for me in my nail salon. <a href=“”Just Got Nailed

  • Ivy Baker

    Thanks for explaining that it would be smart to consider using a quick-dry nail drop in your polish. Thanks for explaining that it would be smart to use that for nail art. It does seem like a good thing for me to look into going to a nail salon that can do gel nails if I want the process of getting a manicure to go faster.

  • Michelle Mccullouch

    I really love your polish I’ll b collecting all of the.😍

  • Kulpreet Chahal

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