Ways to Rock Your Hair in The Summer

We can all agree that not knowing what to do with your hair could be one of the most frustrating things to think about. Hair, especially textured hair, has a mind of its own. It wants to look good and cooperate one day, and the next it wants to fight with us. Here we explore fun ways to wear your hair during the summer months.

The Braid Up

Braids are one of the best ways to not only just be able to get up and go, but it is also a protective style as well. Braiding your hair helps our hair grow and it keeps you from damaging your hair as well. Cosmopolitan has a trending section called Literally All Of The Braids where they show you different braiding styles you can do this summer.


The Pony Tail

If there is one thing you won't have to worry about is a ponytail. A sleek ponytail  being a regular or a Jasmine pony (pictured above) will look good on any textured hair. It isn’t only stylish but also convenient for when you are on the go. If you want to add accessories to make this look better, scrunchies and hair clips are in right now.


Wrap it Up

If it is incredibly hot outside and you do not feel like having your hair out, get a hair scarf and wrap your hair in it. There are so many ways you could use a scarf or a bandana to achieve a simplistic and unique hair look. Slick your hair down, get a silk scarf, make a low bun, after that wrap the bun in the scarf. If you are not into the scarf wrapped around your bun, put your hair up with a scrunchie, then put the scarf from the back and tie it in the front of your head while leaving some hair out.


Wash and Go

You can never go wrong with a wash and go. No one likes dry, and frizzy hair. Wash and go’s are a good way of having an extra self care routine step. When doing a wash and go, wash your hair with your preferred shampoo and conditioner (I use renewing Argan Oil of Morocco). After that, apply a product that gives an effective outcome like a water based gel to help protect and hold your curl pattern. Styling your hair in the shower keeps the moisture locked into your hair, but if you prefer to be out the shower there won't be a huge difference in the outcome. 

Finger coiling forms the pattern you want when dealing with your hair. Air drying, diffusing with a blow dryer, or sitting under a hair dryer are some methods that you could use to dry your hair. But the best way is to let your hair air dry so you maintain the texture of your hair. 

Try any of these easy going hairstyles this summer and I guarantee that your confidence will be boosted. My favorite quote is, "you look good, you feel good".  And, everyone knows that after you get your hair D.I.D. you automatically feel good. Let us know which style is your favorite and what you will try first. 


  • Nakiya Crenshaw

    Very detailed with the wash and go section! Love this for you.

  • Nakiya Crenshaw

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