Your Hands and the Role They Play in Your Life

When we take a second to look at our hands, what do we see? Most people would say their hands are their most crucial tool for survival, productivity, and communication. Creatives see their hands as the most important instrument in their creative process. A rough and dirty hand can give people the impression that a person has been a victim of unruly labor. With that said, the reaction to a manicured hand is different.

nice hands

When men and women see someone with a clean set of manicured hands and painted nails, society tends to think the person who those beautiful hands belong to is “well-off.” These hard-working people would barely even consider treating themselves to a manicure with their busy schedules. Though taking care of your hands is not immediately lucrative, there is more power in the practice of pampering than people think.

Our hands are what makes the most contact with all the surfaces that the outside world has to offer. As beautiful as this concept may be, in today’s world, we have to be aware of what we are touching and how often. Neglecting care for your hands can cause a build-up of germs and bacteria that nest in the crevices of your skin and even underneath your nails. This build-up attracts harmful viruses and microscopic diseases, which can turn your filth into their home.

We unconsciously touch our faces, rub an itchy eye, or pick lunch out of our teeth at any given moment. Doing so, with clean hands that are taken care of, can help ease your mind from the major concerns society faces today. You can look cute while doing so!

wash your hands


You must not forget about yourself, ever. Never look down on what you do, how much you do, or how you look. Instead, cleanse, moisturize, and explore nail colors. Find the one that makes you feel your best (I suggest Open Bar and Prosecco for the holidays)! And finally, start taking control of your narrative.

The world deserves to see the best version of you, the one who makes time for themselves... the one who makes their health and appearance their priority. We all work hard and we all deserve to experience life like the Kings and Queens before us. Your hands not only rule, but they also represent you.  Don’t sell yourself short.


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 Stay blessed, manifest & love yourself.



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