Meet Our New Nailologist: Sakile B.

As many of you know, in June we launched our own nail spot, The D.I.D. Nail Paint Studio inside Marche Rue Dix. After months of searching for the perfect nail artist that is dedicated to providing our loyal, beautiful clients with an eco-friendly, yet super stylish mani, we now have a new nailologist on staff to help elevate your style game.

Meet Sakile, she hails from The Bronx and her interest in nail art began as a healthy self-care regimen during the end of her undergraduate education at Trinity College where she majored in Environmental Science - with a minor in women, gender, sexuality studies. She loves to transform her favorite music artists album covers into uber poppin' nail designs which you can preview here, and spend time with her darling pet Guinea pigs, Stella and Oluwaseyi. Read more about Sakile and book your next manicure with her, trust us, you'll love her.

D.I.D. Nail Paint: What inspired you to become a nail technician?
Sakile B.:  My first calling was nail art. I began experimenting with nail art on myself my freshman year of college as a way of self-care and self-expression. I struggled a lot with depression towards the end of college because I never felt like I belonged (and various other reasons) so when I graduated I decided that I wanted a career where I could be creative, always be my authentic self and have autonomy. Paving my way as a nail artist seemed like the perfect way to do that and so much more. A couple months after I graduated I created my brand, decided to go to nail school, and now I’m here!
What are your favorite nail polish colors to work with?
That’s a tough question. My favorite colors change by season, by my mood, and by month. I’m always drawn to different colors. I’m always attracted to nudes meant for darker skin tones but lately I’ve been drawn to ocean blues and sunset oranges. 
Based on some of your IG posts, I see you get a lot of nail art inspo from music/pop culture ( I.E. The Cardi B Invasion of Privacy Album cover and Beyonce's Apesh-t video, which BTW you did an AMAZING job on) where else do you draw inspiration from?
Thank you! I really get inspiration from everywhere but it has to resonate with me. Music and images from pop culture that that celebrate and reflect people like me are a huge source of inspiration. I also draw inspiration from prints, patterns, pottery and other amazing nail artists.
In your opinion, which celebrity has the best nails?
I feel like celebrities rarely go out of their way to show their nails. I’m always squinting to see what their nails look like but some nails that have stuck with me are Jorja Smith’s long red nails in the music video for ‘On My Mind’ and Solange’s nails for the Met Gala (of course). If I had to pick one celebrity however, it would be Janelle Monae. Her whole look is always very intentional and her nails are always on theme.
Do you have a favorite famous Nail artist you admire?
Some of my favorite nail artists are Gracie J aka The Editorial Nail, Ami Vega, Betina Goldstein, and Eda Levenson aka Lady Fancy Nails. Eda Levenson is actually the person who made me realize that I could be the type of nail artist that I want to be. She had an event at the Met and created nail art based on the Manus x Machina exhibition and after attending I realized that there were so many possibilities. All of these women have very unique styles and I'm always amazed every time they share their work.
How would you describe your signature style when it comes to nail art? Minimalist chic? Intricate and flashy?
I don’t think I have a signature nail art style yet. My style is continuously evolving. I’m always learning new things and experimenting but my style is definitely subtle and subdued.
What are some of your favorite nail care tips?
I know that not a lot of people make time for their nails and I used to be one of those people so I get it. The one thing I always recommend is cuticle oil and a good hand cream. These two things can be used on the go, don’t take a lot of time to apply, and work for any lifestyle. My other nail care tip is to be a conscious consumer, meaning do your research on the ingredients and practices of the products and brands you use.
What do you like to do in your spare time when you're not slaying nails?
In my spare time, I focus on my self-care rituals which includes trying to get enough sleep, listening to healing music, dancing, watching TV, reading, spending quality time with friends and family and bullet-journaling. When I’m not doing that, I’m usually researching or putting something together for BlaqueX.
Tell me something cool about yourself that most people don't know.
Something cool and maybe a little weird is that I have two guinea pigs. They don’t get along at all. They’re both male but one of them is named Stella because I was told that she was a female when I got her. She’s named after the ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ reference in the show Modern Family. I still use the name Stella and she/her pronouns because, what’s gender to a guinea pig? My other guinea pig’s name is Oluwaseyi [It's Nigerian name it means 'God was here] but he goes by Olu. Their personalities couldn’t be more different and they also have their own Instagram (@stellandolu).

... Sakile your new best friend in your head now? Yes? We knew it! Book your next appointment with her this weekend ASAP!

Follow Sakile on Twitter and Instagram: @blaquex_nailart


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