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The Nail Files: Lidia Bonilla

Driver roll down the partition please, Lidia Bonilla, isn't done showing off the sophisticated, new way to stash our unmentionables that go buzz in the night. Plume, a line of organizational boxes that store sex toys, is the brain child of The Miami native, Brooklyn inhabitant. She's also a nail junkie, who demands her mani and pedi to be perfect at all times, check her out below...     D.I.D. Paint: What is a beauty or skin care product you can't live without? Lidia Bonilla: A tweezer. I have 4 of them. I can't stand seeing stray hairs anywhere. And, I wear perfume at all times, even at home. How often do you get manicures or pedicures? I don't feel complete...

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The Nail Files: Breena Blake

Denim Enthusiast, D.I.Y. Diva, Wardrobe Stylist, oh and Mommy: these are just a few of the roles Breena Blake graciously tackles, without chipping her polish. Despite her super busy schedule, she's able to maintain her nails and gorgeous skin in between her weekly projects and playdates. Find out how she manages to do it all.   D.I.D. Paint: What colors/shades do you typically wear on your nails?  Breena Blake: I go through phases with my nails. At one point I was going through a dark period (just on my hands) so I rocked a lot of black, navy and burgundy. Now, since my professional paint jobs are few and far apart, I lean more towards more subtle colors like Surfboard...

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The Nail Files: Ava Raiin, Singer and Performer

When Ava Raiin isn’t serenading audiences across the country alongside Solange Knowles, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Blood Orange/Dev Hynes, she’s a down to Mars girl, indecisive about the nail color of her weekly mani— just like the rest of us. Check out her glam secrets for when she’s on and off the stage.      D.I.D. Nail Paint: How often do you get manicures and/or pedicures?  Ava Raiin: I do my nails about every week or two depending on what’s going on. If I’m traveling or doing a lot of shows, I’ll try to do my nails every couple of weeks. I use gel polish so it can stretch longer, but if I’m not traveling and have more free time I...

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