Winter Nail and Skin Care

Brrrr the NorthEast has been nothing short of frigid these past couple of weeks and this sudden increase in cold air is absolute torture on...well...just about all parts of the body. Coughs and sneezes become more frequent in the office and on trains. The skin gets dry, lack luster, and flaky. And of course the precious nails suffer underneath those wool gloves. Worry not my darlings, I have some tips to fight these cold weather set backs.

First, let me introduce you to what my nail lady Lisa Logan put me on to: The Listerine Manicure. Yes you read that, right, mouthwash doesn't just fight gingivitis, it also does a bomb job at cleansing and killing any cold/flu germs that could be lingering underneath your fingernails. Lisa added a splash of the plaque fighting elixir along with baking soda into my manicure water bowl. The tingling sensation made my fingers feel extra squeaky clean and lasted long after my nails were painted and dry.

Our special D.I.D. Remover is super clutch around this time of the year because unlike the drying affect of acetone removers, the soy-based formula actually fuses moisture into the nail. It won't leave your fingers white and ashy either.

Moisturized, well-maintained cuticles are so necessary because what's the point of a perfect paint job and a yummy shade like my favorite, all reddy if the skin surrounding the nail is jagged and ugly?


Now personally this was the most challenging fix for me because combating dry skin is a constant struggle for me despite the season. For my face I infused a series of oils into my regimen.


Garner's Garden has an incredible line of face oils that can be used for both cleansing and moisturizing.  I began with their popular Antibacterial Cleansing Oil. This product is expertly blended with Neem Oil, which is known for its acne bacteria busting properties. It won't clog your pores and in my case, cured an itchy spot of eczema that was on my neck. My face felt soft yet clean, not tight like paper, a feeling I used to believe was a sign my pores were thoroughly cleansed; I was wrong. I followed up with witch hazel  as toner and before bed I slathered on their Night Time Serum.

Garner's Garden Night Serun

The Night Time Serum is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E - all essential nutrients that are key to healthy vibrant skin. Especially Vitamin D, that's the glow-inducing vitamin supplied by the sun and is responsible for skin cell repair, increased elasticity, and the fading of dark spots.

In the morning before I head out I add a squirt of their Ginger Clove Normalizing Face Oil to my moisturizer and SPF. My face feels smooth and moisturized all day, with a healthy sheen. Since I've incorporated these oils into my routine, my breakouts have significantly decreased, my complexion is more even, and my skin has a Beyonce circa Carter Twins Pregnancy glow to it. 

Indira Skincare Body Butter

For the rest of my body I've been rubbing down and stacking up on a lucious handmade body butter by Indira Skincare. My friend  gifted me with this butter and I am in love. What made me a fan of Indira's shea butter based body butter skin range, is how easily it melts into my skin with minimal rubbing. I feel it absorb in and nourish my skin, instead of just resting on top, which just leaves my body greasy. It comes in several variations like Successful, which is chocolate scented and fused with mica to give the skin a bronzy goddess like glow. I'm currently in love with the Confidence Body Butter which is mixed with Mango Butter and smells like delicious Orange Creamsicle.

I'll buy these body butters over Lush Cosmetics any day.


And there you have it, moisture solutions from head to toe, do you have any other Winter beauty regimen tips you want to share? Leave them in the comments, we'd love to try them out too!


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