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Let's Talk About It: May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Are You Meditating Enough?

Inhale. Hold your breath for 5 seconds. Exhale. Breathe in deeply. Engage your diaphragm. Release all of the air from your lungs. Meditation doesn’t always involve an hour dedicated to a yoga mat, burning sage and a soundtrack of chanting Tibetan Monks. Meditation can take place at your desk in between sending emails, or while you’re stuck on the train That little 2-5 minutes to yourself can not only benefit your body physically (It sends more oxygen to your brain and can increase productivity) but those moments taken to relax are beneficial to your mental health as well . May is mental health awareness month and we want to help incorporate self-love, self-care and reflection into your regimen with a...

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Winter Nail and Skin Care

Brrrr the NorthEast has been nothing short of frigid these past couple of weeks and this sudden increase in cold air is absolute torture on...well...just about all parts of the body. Coughs and sneezes become more frequent in the office and on trains. The skin gets dry, lack luster, and flaky. And of course the precious nails suffer underneath those wool gloves. Worry not my darlings, I have some tips to fight these cold weather set backs. First, let me introduce you to what my nail lady Lisa Logan put me on to: The Listerine Manicure. Yes you read that, right, mouthwash doesn't just fight gingivitis, it also does a bomb job at cleansing and killing any cold/flu germs that...

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