Let's Talk About It: May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Are You Meditating Enough?

Inhale. Hold your breath for 5 seconds. Exhale. Breathe in deeply. Engage your diaphragm. Release all of the air from your lungs. Meditation doesn’t always involve an hour dedicated to a yoga mat, burning sage and a soundtrack of chanting Tibetan Monks.

Meditation can take place at your desk in between sending emails, or while you’re stuck on the train That little 2-5 minutes to yourself can not only benefit your body physically (It sends more oxygen to your brain and can increase productivity) but those moments taken to relax are beneficial to your mental health as well . May is mental health awareness month and we want to help incorporate self-love, self-care and reflection into your regimen with a few examples:

Get your nails did. When you look good, you feel good. A fresh mani will improve your self-esteem and put you in a nicer headspace. Have you seen our sunny, yellow Happy shade? It’s super pretty and will certainly make you happy when skies are grey.

Go to the gym. Just 15 minutes of cardio will send endorphins surging through your bloodstream and life’s problems will seem a lot more solvable.

Communicate. Yes. instead of bottling up your emotions when you have an issue, discuss the issue with the person triggering your stress, or keep a journal to vent.

Ask for Help. Never feel ashamed to seek professional advice. If you feel as though you need a professional, but have no insurance to cover the fees, The Association of Psychology has training clinics where you can get free or low-cost counseling.

Be gentle with yourself. If you woke up late, got stuck in traffic, cheated on your diet, argued with your spouse...whatever made you feel icky about yourself, let it go. You’re human and you’re entitled to your mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but at the same time, learn from them so the vicious cycle isn’t repeated.

Yoga. Whether you like it hot, alone on your living room floor, or in a class at the local studio—just do yoga. You get to tone your arms during Downward facing Dog, learn how to control your breathing and accomplish a sense of peace. Namaste.

Take a probiotic. Hold on just hear me out. Serotonin is the body’s feel good chemical that is manufactured in the intestines. When your gut is balanced with the help of probiotics, the good bacteria produced in your body promote the production of this magical serotonin, and it will increase your feel good moments.  

What’s your favorite mental health maintenance tip? Tell us below:

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